1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe


Vintage Car of the Month
1989 Porsche 911 Carerra 4

Posted On May 1, 2021

Owned by Gary & Michelle, Callander, ON

Ever since I was a kid, my favourite car was the Porsche, but could never afford one.  When I finally could, I bought this one, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

As with most car manufacturers, while the model continues, new body style and features are introduced approximately every five years.  Same with Porsche, and the Carrera.  At the end of production for 1989, Porsche introduced their newest version of the Carrera, the 964.  Still rear engine mounted, and air cooled, it continued with the traditional “look” of the Carrera, but introduced a few new significant features;

  • 6 liter flat 6 w/247 hp, top speed 162 mph, 5 spd manual
  • Standard ABS and permanent 4WD with variable front/rear torque
  • A rear spoiler that comes up automatically at 50 mph, and drops back down at 6mph
  • MSRP – USD $73,229

I bought this car in January, 2004 from a Lexus dealer in Los Angeles.  They had just taken it in trade from the original owner, and were about to send it off to auction.  I made a deal with the dealer to keep it in storage until May, when it would officially be 15 years old, and therefore not have to comply to the Canadian Ministry of Transport rules for importing cars.

I would take it out for test drives every month, as I was in L.A. frequently on business.  Come May, I took a week off, and took off on my first real outing – I drove it up the Pacific Coast Highway 1 to Vancouver, B.C. – wow!  Approximately 1,300 miles of some of the best cornering and scenery to be found – it’s for sure a bucket list drive for any sports car or motorcycle enthusiast!  I was also in Vancouver on business on a monthly basis, so I kept it there for 5 years as my weekend driver, and stored year-round.  It’s rarely seen anything but dry weather.

I put it on a train and brought it out to Ontario in 2010, where I reside.  My wife and I take it out on excursions as often as possible, searching for new and challenging Ontario backroads, usually with our golf clubs in the back.  We also try to incorporate at least one-week long excursion, and believe it or not, this includes bringing our golf clubs with us.  The seats in the rear fold down, and the front trunk is surprisingly roomy.  We have done this to attend a couple of Porsche Parades; Savanah, GA and Jay Peak Resort, VT – each a week-long party with over 1,000 other Porsche owners and Porsche Club members playing and competing!  We then store it Nov – Apr.

It’s all original, except for new interior carpets, and a Porsche Classic radio with GPS and Bluetooth.  I also put Porsche 17” rims on to handle wider Michelin Sport tires, and still have the original wheels which are in excellent condition.

I always intended to enjoy it as a driver, and with Spring right around the corner, I’m once again looking forward to getting back on the road.


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