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Group Car & Home Insurance

Zehr Insurance brings the benefits of association to groups offering Group Car & Home Insurance through Economical, Aviva Traders & Novex. Zehr insures homes, cars, cottages, boats and more for groups of employees, clubs or professional associations that produces savings to its members due to the large number of participants. Depending on the type & size of group- clients can receive as much as 30% in discounts. In addition to group rates, clients are still eligible other discounts they qualify for to a maximum of 60% savings!

To inquire about starting a Group Car & Home insurance program with Zehr Insurance Brokers please contact us today!

As a Vintage CARS (Classics, Antiques, Rods, Specialty) client of Zehr Insurance you qualify for a potentially

on your property insurance

in addition to all other discounts you may qualify for!

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