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 Dean Renwick PAVE- Toronto, ON
416-252-3983 http://www.trustpave.com/

Mark Cross PAVE- Milton, ON
905-878-8680   [email protected]           

Dave Woollings- ACAAR, Bradford, ON
905-715-9303 [email protected]

Terry Ward, Brampton, ON
416-871-0662  [email protected]       

Durham Consulting & Appraisals, Ajax, ON
905-683-8296 http://www.durhamconsulting.ca/

Tom Muth, Toronto, ON
647-5196946 http://www.classicandrod.com/

Tom Pellegrino- TK Appraisals, Toronto, ON
905-893-2547  http://www.tommythechryco.ca/

Allan Lewis- Vintage Car Connection, Toronto, ON

John Barnfield, Mississauga, ON
416-262-9342 [email protected]

Bruno DiMartino- BDM Classic Appraisals
647-224-2373 http://www.bdmappraisals.ca/

 Jamie Hamilton, Durham Region
905 706 5876  

Brian Asbury, Milton, ON
519-853-1738 [email protected]

Bruce Farrow, Pickering, ON
905-391-6917 [email protected]

Randy Gananathan, Richmond Hill, ON
905-892-7813 [email protected] 

Jim Cowan, Oakville, ON
905-384-2007 [email protected]

Robert Hayes, Dundas, ON
905-628-4464  [email protected]

Danny Kroll, Toronto, ON
416-893-8983  [email protected]

Mick Oliveira, Stouffville, ON
416-702-4408 [email protected]

Mike Farrugia, Georgetown, ON
905-702-4088  [email protected]

 Kyle Langstaff, Whitby, ON
905-718-2099 [email protected]

Hamilton - Niagara

Rick Housser, Caledonia, ON

Paul Morrison PAVE, Caledonia, ON

Daniel Sporbeck- ACAAR, West Lincoln, ON
905-317-7154  [email protected]

Bob Ward, Ancaster, ON

Wally Clark, Niagara Falls, ON

Howard Brownell, Dundas, ON

Mark Cross PAVE- Milton, ON

Bryan Middleton, Hamilton, ON
905-808-9997 http://www.classicandrod.com/

Ron Yorksie, Brantford, ON
519-753-3804 [email protected]

Ken Gibbs, Car Truck & RV Appraisal-
Hamilton, ON
289)880-9768 or (289)880-3691 

Lewis Roloson, Brantford, ON
519-754-0512 [email protected]

Bill Olinyk, Brantford, ON
519-751-0625 [email protected]

Ken Leblanc, Welland, ON
905-714-1403 [email protected]

Jim Cowan, Oakville, ON
905-384-2007 [email protected]

Randy Gananathan, Niagara, ON
905-892-7813 [email protected] 


Georgian Bay/Central Ontario

Doug Adams- PAVE, Wasaga Beach, ON

Allan Lewis, Singhampton, ON

Willam H Gray, Beeton, ON

Larry Shackleton, Barrie, ON
705-791-5051  [email protected] 

Ron Wilson, RJ Vintage Garage, Lindsay, ON
705-878-2372  www.RJVintageGarage.com

Santo Pizzuti, Kirkfield, ON

Rob Campbell, Midland, ON
705-721-5050  [email protected]

Brad Colby, Sunderland, ON
905-718-1965 [email protected]

David MacFarlane, Southampton, ON
519-483-5662 fastlaneappraisals.com

Bob Nicholson, Port Sydney, ON
705-385-2318 [email protected]

Paul Del Grosso, Barrie, ON
647-807-2439 [email protected]

Michael Holmes, Barrie, ON
705-627-9279 www.barrieoldcarappraisals.ca

John Fontana, Cookstown, ON
647-408-4001 www.actualmarketvalues.com

 Mike Matthews, Orangeville, ON
519-940-1915 [email protected] 

Scott Richardson, Utterson, ON
705-789-4733 or 705-385-2318 [email protected] 

Eastern/Northern Ontario


Norm Mort, Wellington, ON

Gary Schroeter, Vars, ON
613-724-0500 www.aas-auto-appraisal.com

John D Cruise, Ottawa, ON

Harold Middleton, Oshawa, ON
905-434-7667 http://www.classicandrod.com/

Ron Wilson, RJ Vintage Garage, Lindsay, ON
705-878-2372  www.RJVintageGarage.com

Myno & Judy Van Dyke

 Geoff Bobyk, Oshawa, ON
289-404-2488 [email protected]

Jim Molloy, Stirling, ON
613-921-3770 [email protected]

Gerry R Montpellier, Chelmsford, ON (Sudbury)

David Dinan, Sudbury, ON

Dennis Dixon, Inverary, ON
613-353-7674  [email protected] 

Doug Kemp, Grafton, ON
905-396-5367 http://trustpave.com/

Jason MacDonald, Bowmanville, ON
905-622-4953 [email protected]

Steve Mathews, New Liskeard, ON
705- 650-1954  [email protected]

Thunder Bay Appraisal Service Ltd, Gerry Chartier
807-345-1481 [email protected]

Jim Hoy, Carrying Place, ON
613-920-2759   [email protected]

Marc Racine, Brockville, ON
613-361-9906  [email protected]

Paul Quenneville, North Bay, ON

Southwestern Ontario

Mike Tillich, Waterloo, ON

Mike Moore- Baden, ON

Paul Malec, Stratford, ON

Brian Stack, Wingham, ON

Reg Thompson- ACAAR, Port Elgin, ON

John Caesar, Harriston, ON
519-323-7014 http://www.caesarsappraisals.com/

Chad Dosman, Waterloo, ON

Dan Whytock- ACAAR, Teeswater, ON

Bob Yule, Monkton, ON

Gary Collins, Wellesley, ON

David MacFarlane- PAVE, Southampton, ON
519-483-5662 fastlaneappraisals.com

Larry Fowler, Hensall, ON
519-227-4085 [email protected]

Ed Muth, London ON
519-842-6942 http://www.classicandrod.com/

Paul Prince Sr, Ilderton, ON
519-666-1114 http://www.prince-cva.ca/

Lusso Automotive- Matthew M., London, ON

Ron Davey, London, ON
519-494-8212 [email protected]

Trowhill Appraisal Service, Ingersoll, ON

Don Houston, Amherstburg, ON

Steve Senchuk, Sarnia, ON

Kevin McCabe, Windsor, ON
519-972-4794 [email protected]

Mike Lanoue, Belle River, ON
519-728-3645, 519-971-1889 (C), [email protected]

Tim Grendy, London, ON
519-878-9968 www.fcao.ca

Jim Billings, London, ON
519-204-1314 [email protected] 

Jeff Smith, Tillsonburg, ON 
519-688-0559 greatlakesrestoration.com

Harry Bergman, Windsor, ON
519-980-0078 [email protected]

Steve Gravefell Vintage Vehicle Appraisals
519-409-0337 [email protected]

Brad Burns, Komoka, ON
519-318-0678 [email protected]

Scott Robinson, Thamesford, ON

Hunter Enterprises Classic Auto, Atwood, ON
519-291-9229 [email protected] 



If so, please contact our office to see how you can be added to our appraiser referral database.

Antique Car Valuations

There are many methods for collector car and antique car owners, or prospective vintage car owners to be able to consider valuations of antique cars.

Depending on where in the spectrum of ownership someone may be, be it a seasoned collector or someone that is new to the collector car hobby, they may use their intuitive market knowledge, or they may benefit from using the services of professional appraisers that can give their opinions, by virtue of appraisals.

In addition to providing a direct benefit to themselves, often an appraisal assists in qualifying an antique car owner to place antique, collector car or vintage car and auto insurance.

Appraisal = Correct Valuations

An appraisal can give an antique car owner peace of mind that they have approached the market at an appropriate price – that they paid the right money for their prized possession. Possibly they are looking to sell their collector car and are looking to establish an independent third party appraiser bench mark for a valuation.

Collector cars take many forms – some are modified to a large extent, others are original antique cars that can be affected by many variable market influences. How does one know what the value should be? An appraisal will help with that, as a respected professional opinion can be put to paper and it carries credibility to what the car owner needs to portray to other parties such as prospective buyers, sellers or insurance companies.

Peace of mind in the event of a claim

An appraisal supports an ability to secure collector antique car insurance with preferred competitive terms, such as an agreed value under the endorsement 19A – Agreed Value Endorsement, at great rates. It brings a clear understanding of the appraiser’s opinion by providing a full description of the antique, vintage or collector car. This way in the event of a claim there should be no need to question the validity of what the vehicle in question is, or worse, was before the accident, loss or damage occurred that gave rise to an insurance claim.

An appraiser has to stand behind their professionalism and the car owners, the insurance companies and their own associations and peers hold them to high standards that the public have come to trust. That trust provides more peace of mind to the collector car owner, and to the insurance company’s vintage car collector car policy holder.

Zehr Insurance Brokers and Zehr Vintage CARS recognizes the importance of having a comprehensive 3rd party appraisal for our client’s collectible autos.  For years, Zehr has supported the appraiser community and values their professionalism, integrity and expertise.  A comprehensive appraisal will give every party in the circle of owner, buyer, insurance company and the insurance policy peace of mind that the collectible, vintage or modified car is insured and or valued correctly.

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