Zehr Care

Health & Wellness Program for Agri & Small Businesses

  • Three (3) or more employees at the business qualify (owner’s included)
  • Coverage is for owner’s, employees & their families
  • Each plan is customized to what you want covered (ie Dental, Drugs, Travel, Vision, Life, Critical Illness & Paramedical services such as chiropractors, etc & more)
  • Premiums are TAX WRITE-OFF for business owners
  • Blanket coverage- means everyone under the plan is automatically qualified
  • Employers choose how much of the premium they pay (min 50%)

Disability insurance Program for Farmers

  • Pays a monthly tax free income if you cannot work due to INJURY or ILLNESS
  • Regardless of declared taxable income- farmers get automatic coverage
  • Benefits payable to age 65 and beyond
  • Coverage is customizable to
  • Children working on the farm also qualify
  • Premiums can be TAX WRITE-OFF if 2 or more persons insured

Other Services of Zehr Care

  • Individual Life insurance (specializing in farm succession planning or debt protection)
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Individual Health insurance benefits
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario


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