1958 Safari Pathfinder


Vintage Car of the Month

Posted On September 1, 2018

Owned by Mike from New Hamburg, ON.

“Thanks for letting me talk about my car.

Being a real estate agent I get to see some neat places and quite often I find interesting items in barns, sheds and garages. This March, I was showing a home in the country on a dead end road, and sitting in the driveway of the house next door was this 58 Pontiac Pathfinder Safari 2 door wagon with a snow bank on the hood.

I walked around it, scratched my head because I had never heard of such a car, went home and googled it, found out there were less than 800 built in Oshawa and that they weren’t available in the US of A .  Also I couldn’t find a real photo of a 58 2 door wagon on the web. Intrigued I went back a couple days later, found the owner and made a deal to buy the car.

The car spend the first 30 years of its life in BC, then it came to Ontario (apparently a 69 Mustang fastback got towed home with the wagon!), after that it changed hands a few times but basically sat in storage for many years. It has a 261 in line six with a 3 in the tree  and a 1 barrel Rochester carb. It has about 87000 miles on it.

After I bought it; it spent about 3 months in the shop getting some much needed attention. The interior cleaned up well, we put in new carpet, all new brakes, rebuilt carb, new rad, plugs, wires etc., fuel pump, and sending unit. I put a clear coat over the patina and added chrome bullets to the original hubcaps and a set of bias ply white walls to finish it off. Having lots of fun taking it to local car shows, it runs great”


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  1. Michael Johnson

    Had one of these in the early 70s

    Lost my virginity in. My favorite car.


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