1932 Prinzing


Vintage Car of the Month

Posted On September 1, 2013

Owner is Bruce Thomas, Baysville, ON

This is a 1932 Prinzing, one-off custom fiberglass body fashioned by Max Prinzing of Minnesota, U.S.A     I contracted to buy this model, the ‘Countess’, in late 2010 but part way through the construction, Max retired to offer care to his ailing wife and the incomplete car was sent to Arkansas  for further work by Rosewood Classic Coach.  The vehicle received minor attention here before being shipped to Canada where David Carlaw of Prototype Research & Development, in Campbellford, Ontario, was engaged to assemble and finish the concept as a Canadian-built car.

It has a chassis fashioned after the Duesenberg of the early ‘30’s, features of Packard and Rolls Royce but is powered by a 2013 Chevy crate engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission.  Inside, the dash has a highly polished mahogany finish complimenting the Dolphin gauges and an atmosphere enhanced by a fine stereo and the comforts of full air.  At the rear of the vehicle, a most generous leather- strapped travel trunk sits above the air bags that keep the ride just perfect.   After a very long process to make this ’silk purse’, I took it for its inaugural drive in August.   What a delight!


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