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Posted On July 1, 2024

Owned by William, Brantford, ON

Marie Claire was born in France in 1984 and lived the first part of her life in Normandy. Later she moved to Holland and then to Montreal and on to Ottawa where I purchased her 8 years ago.

1984 Citroen 2CV6 Special – made in France.

2CV means 2 horse power – a French rating for tax purposes.

6 means 602 cc’s. Special – nobody knows!

Engine:  2 cylinder horizontally opposed air and oil cooled


  • 2 barrel carb – 29 hp
  • Electronic ignition
  • Electric windshield wipers / manual pump washers
  • 4 speed manual transmission + reverse (no syncro on first)
  • 4 wheel independent suspension
  • Inboard disk brakes front / drums rear
  • Parking brake on the fron disks
  • Adjustable headlights (from inside)
  • Daytime running lights
  • Top speed approximately 115 kph (comfortable all day at 90 kph)
  • Fuel / Premium approximately 5.7 lph or 50 mpg

The 2CV was targeted for farmers at the end of WWII. Air cooled, with only two cylinders and no points to adjust, maintenance is uncomplicated.

The suspension is very soft to allow for the rough roads found in France right after WWII. They lean dramatically in corners but are almost impossible to actually tip over. 2CV’s were advertised as able to carry a basket of eggs through a plowed field without breaking.

They have sufficient headroom so that the driver can wear a hat (good for taller drivers) and of course the roof folds open to accommodate small farm animals. They have a surprisingly large trunk to store the spare tire and a crank in the event the battery fails.

Wherever we go she steals the show as there are few to be found in Ontario. In 2019 she won Best Import prize at the Gathering of the Classics at Edenvale. My wife and I are members of the Citroenvie car club and participate in the club events and Show and Shines.

Absolutely reliable, she gets 5.7 lph and happy to cruise all day at 90 Kph.


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