1971 Plymouth Barracuda


Vintage Car of the Month
1971 Plymouth Barracuda

Posted On April 1, 2021

Owned by Tony from Stoney Creek, ON

If anyone in Ontario and beyond is acquainted with the Old Chrysler Corporation Car Club which then became the annual Moparfest event in New Hamburg will know that a gentleman by the name of Gary Hoffman was one of the founding members the club and event. This event has raised funds for many charities and become a networking event for Mopar owners to show off their vehicles, learn from each other and buy/swap parts. Gary has for years built and restored many award winning Mopar classics .

This particular 71 Cuda that I have purchased from Gary started off being a small block Florida car that Gary brought back with him from a trip over 10 years ago. Gary was particular as to how the car was going to be restored and the look of the car. A very long process of stripping down the car and rebuilding/replacing any body panels, new glass, trim and interior. Initially Gary wanted to pay tribute to the famous Sox & Martin Cuda’s that tore up the drag strips in the 70’s with that colour scheme but ended up with the with white and black accents in the end. Mechanically the Cuda came to me with a 426 Hemi with 2×4 barrel carbs on a Rat Roadster intake manifold, automatic transmission and a 456 Dana 60 rear end. The car was a strip looker and sounded like that too which is the way Gary likes it.

I fell in love with this car as soon as I saw it as I had a 72 Cuda and had to sell it to afford to go to University in 1979 and like everyone who has had a car like this regrets selling it… Call it a mid life crises solution if you want…

My plan which has already started was to tone it down a bit so I attract the right attention and shift to street/strip look and feel with some modern technology. The plan over the next couple of years is to change out the rear gears to something more appropriate for the street, change out the exhaust which is complete now, update some of the wiring and electronics and decide what to do with the fuel delivery and ignition system. No intent of lowering it or changing out rims/tires as I like the stance and the look.


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