1965 Mustang GT


Vintage Car of the Month

Posted On March 1, 2016

Owned by an anonymous Car Enthusiast from Kitchener, ON

“Going back to 1976 this vehicle was purchased by a gentleman in Colorado who at this time either before or after had purchased two other Mustangs which were the coupe model and stuck them in a barn on his farm. These three cars including the GT were in the barn for 37 years until discovered by a group of people hunting on this farm.

Amongst this group was a classic car enthusiast who was connected with the right people to acquire these vehicles from the owner who had stored these vehicles for 37 years.

I cannot say what became of the coupe Mustangs but the black A code GT was taken to a shop to undergo an extensive restoration somewhere in Colorado. Upon completion the Mustang was placed in a classic car add for sale.

Back to Canada, a friend who was employed at a customer of mine showed me a picture of this recent purchase made by his son. It was the 65 Mustang GT.

To verify the above story of this car, Kevin relentlessly tracked down the owner of this farm where the Mustang was stored in 1976. He eventually spoke with the gentleman who owned this car and verified that it was the only GT amongst the others. He was also provided with a Colorado DMV registration for the vehicle dated 1976. There were also pictures of this Mustang being towed from the barn and a partial build sheet included.

Occasionally I would ask my friend about the Mustang to find out if it was going to be for sale someday. He answered, I don’t know.
Time goes by and my friend Lloyd, which is Kevin’s father retires which without that connection causes me to partially forget about the car.

This past summer another friend of mine who is well connected with Kevin in the used car industry gave me a call to tell me that Kevin is selling the Mustang and is giving me the first shot at buying it before it is sent a classic car auction. Before making a decision I was allowed to inspect the vehicle from bumper to bumper to satisfy my curiosity as to whether it is an original GT and all numbers are matching to this car.

After two weeks of this I was satisfied and made the purchase.

This 65 A code Mustang has 79,000 original miles.”


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