1959 Ford Edsel


Vintage Car of the Month
1959 Ford Edsel

Posted On July 1, 2022

Owned by Marcel from Stratford, ON

(Written by Marcel’s daughter Melissa)

Marcel Pepping of Stratford has owned this 1959 Ford Edsel Ranger since January of 2003.

Originally built in Louisville, Kentucky and imported to an auction in Canada in 1999, he is the third owner. He stumbled across it at the side of the road covered in snow and could not help but have it follow him home.

While the complete restoration took several years, he managed to achieve his goal of taking it out for its first official cruise by the May long weekend of that first year.

In addition to many cruise nights and shows, it has driven the bride and groom for two of his daughters’ weddings and attended Ford Canada’s 100th anniversary celebration that took place in Oakville, Ontario in August 2004.

Historically known as “the wrong car at the wrong time” Ford Edsels were only made for three years (1958-1960) making this car a unique and somewhat uncommon treasure to own.


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