2006 Honda S2000 convertible


Vintage Car of the Month
2006 Honda S2000 convertible

Posted On February 1, 2022

Owned by Ming from Stouffville, ON

Back in 2008, I was shopping for a Honda S2000. I knew exactly what I was looking for, a Grand Prix White with lower mileage and 2006+, where revisions made the car even better. The local market did not have what I was looking for, as there were not many white models available to purchase. The Canadian dollar was close to parity, so I expanded my search to the United States.

I then found my dream car, a 2006 Honda S2000 with about 60,000 km, from a Honda dealership in TEXAS! The car was stunning, and still had some manufacturer warranty left on it, which gave me a peace of mind it was at least mechanically sound.

I sent all my hard earned money in my mid 20s, about 20 thousand worth, straight to the dealer without seeing the car. Fingers crossed!

I then flew over with my girlfriend (now wife), and had the car salesman pick us up from the San Antonio airport. The car was as described, thankfully, and we embarked on a 3000km, or 30 hour drive back. On the way back, we passed by the Cherohala Skyway, a mountainous drive a mile above ground, followed by the infamous Tail of the Dragon runS. The journey back was certainly a memory we would never forget.

Once back in Toronto, the car taught me all there was to driving, and for a good 5 years, the vehicle was a frequent traveller to the local track days. Since there was no space for changing tires at the track, I even got a truck and trailer to get it there, also minimizing the mileage.

I then retired the car from track duty and got into some door to door racing. Sold my truck and trailer and returned the car back to it’s street parts so we could enjoy it when it’s sunny out.

Then it hit me, while 2.2L 240hp was a lot back in the day, it certainly lacks the power by today’s standards. So I splurged and purchased a well made turbo kit from PTuning and hoped for what seemed to be great results, which was just north of 400whp as advertised.

After spending about 10k, I had the luxury of having Evans Tuning to tune my car locally. The car made 520whp on 14psi. I am not complaining.

The car now gets the occasional Sunday drive when the weather is nice!


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