2002 Johnnex Canam Cobra Replica


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2002 Johnnex Canam Cobra Replica

Posted On December 1, 2020

Owned by Chris from East Newmarket, ON.

This is my Johnex Cobra, a Canadian Cobra from a small company that is not around anymore. I was working with Johnex to turn this into a Canadian kit car back in 2001, but unfortunately the company did not survive. I completed the build of this car in 2002 however I always seem to manage to find an annual upgrade to do. This year it was 13” front brakes from Baer.

The build includes a 400HP 351 Windsor (built by Beatty & Woods) mated to a Tremec 5sp transmission and 3.55 LSD 8.8 Ford solid axle rear end. As the car only weighs around 2200 lbs acceleration is ‘brisk’. Independently adjustable suspension and dual master cylinder brakes with bias bar help the car handle all road conditions and stop quickly.

I truly enjoy taking it for long drives in the country and up north. It is not a car for stop and go city driving. Long cruises in the evening allow us to enjoy sunsets and the stars. No matter where I drive the car I always get smiles and thumbs up! It’s nice to see that a classic design continues to be appreciated. It is always a hit at car shows and has won numerous awards.


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