1991 Acura NSX


Vintage Car of the Month
1991 Acura NSX

Posted On September 1, 2021

Owned by Jerry from Nobleton, ON

Like many kids growing up, birthdays and Christmas meant hot wheels, AFX slot cars, and posters of my dream cars on my bedroom walls! These sincere gift-giving gestures nurtured my dreams of owning and driving sportscars.

Growing up, closest to my heart was the Porsche 911 but certainly Ferrari and Lamborghini were not far behind. Pretty much any European sports car in the 70’s and 80’s like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini fit the bill for me. I should note that Ford’s GT40 was a nice fit too! Even parked, they all seemed to be going fast. That ‘look’ made them appear to drive through corners quickly, feel like a go-kart.

In 1990 while in my 20’s my sites were locked on something new. Acura introduced a car that would change the sports car scene and make many high-end sports car manufactures take notice of the new level of quality and reliability. In 1991 Acura released the NSX at a price tag that blew the doors off most in its class.

I was a little older but nonetheless I made room in my dream car garage for an Ayrton Senna endorsed Japanese sports car. At 25, when the NSX came out, it was priced out of reach for me but still much less expensive than the European machines. Built in Honda’s heyday with reliability and quality, the lines on the NSX were as unique and beautiful as any other sought-after 90’s sports car.

Fast forward to June 2014 – my research was done, and I pulled the trigger. A 1991 NSX, black, manual with an ivory interior and impeccable maintenance records became available for sale. With less than 200,000 kms, the power train and motor were in perfect mechanical order. The car was super clean. This beauty was previously owned by a Doctor who purchased it brand new in 1990 and took care of it for 23 years. It’s light and nimble – like a race car on rails.

Fast Fun Facts:

  • Delivered original 1990 price in Canada: $85,000
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Low cost insurance
  • It was the first mass-produced car with an all-aluminum monocoque
  • The engine uses fiber-reinforced cylinder liners
  • Senna told Acura to make it better
  • It influenced the McLaren F1
  • It made Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini get off their butts and engineer, construct and deliver better quality products.




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