1975 MG MGB



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Posted On January 1, 2020


Owned by Brad from Bayfield, ON.

Unique to this car is the fact that during the 1974 production year BMC was making changes to comply with emission and safety regulations in the U.S. The new rubber bumpers where added for the first time while the car retained the early engine and well known SU carburetors resulting in the unique designation of these cars as 1974 ½. In 1975 the MGB’s where fitted with the rubber bumpers and a new engine that had a single Stromberg carb.

I like that the car is British and its electrical components are made by the Lucas corporation. The car is a blast to drive, it corners amazingly well and is truly a drivers car. I enjoy the sound of the four cylinder motor and the smooth shifting of the gear box and the smell of the burnt fuel.

A good friend of mine Bob Deshane from Britspeed in Lindsay Ontario had the car featured on his website and I purchased it sight unseen on his recommendation. He did not steer me wrong and has been a great help as I learn a little bit about mechanics in my retirement. I hadn’t really thought about it until you asked but I would have to say that this little car has really helped me transition from a very busy career into a more content stage of my life.

I have provided a short bit of history that was written by Bob Deshane about the MG. I hope this helps, I wish I had more pictures but they would be blurry because we are always driving it.

MG cars began life in England during the 1920’s. MG, the initials of Morris Garages was used to identify the cars by founder, W.R. Morris. MG cars were at that time a sales promotion sideline within Morris’s Oxford retail automotive sales and service business by the business’s manager, Cecil Kimber.

MG is best known for its two-seat open sports cars but it also produced saloons and coupes at various times.

In 1935, the MG business was rolled into Morris Motors Limited and over the years, further acquisitions and mergers occurred which saw the MG business owned by The British Motoring Corporation, British Leyland Motor Corporation and finally the MG Rover Group.

MG cars hold a prestigious place in Motorsport through their long and successful years of competition and they are still raced today in vintage and classic racing the world over.


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