1971 Lamborghini Espada 400 GT Series 2


Vintage Car of the Month

Posted On June 4, 2015

Owned by Gary from Mississauga, ON

“I was always fascinated with these rare Italian 4 seaters since my first sighting over 30 years ago. It was the fact that the roof is only 47 inches off the ground and the car is so wide that first struck me. Unlike an American car of the that period, the proportions are completely different.

So after a 2 year plus search for a series 2 Espada ( series 2 were typically Euro spec with no emissions and small bumpers ) my search brought me to a website of a dealer in San Diego advertising the car you see here albeit in MUCH worse condition.

It was actually consigned to the dealer by a 93 year old woman who was selling it on behalf of her suddenly deceased son who had owned it since 1980. After some initial work done there to make the car roadworthy again, it arrived here in my driveway in August of 2009.

Soon after on the way home from having it certified I blew a head gasket which then prompted a three year restoration. Since that time I have been honored with numerous awards including People choice at Amelia Island Concours, where it was judged by non-other than Valentino Balboni. Valentino is the now retired legendary test driver employed by Lamborghini himself way back in 1968. This car is however no trailer queen as those who know it will agree. In my almost 6 years of ownership I have racked up approx. 14000kms.

If I had to give the best reason to own a vintage Lamborghini it would be the noise!! The mechanical symphony coming from that 3.9 ltr 4 cam V12 producing approx. 360 HP is truly addictive. From the bellow of the 6 twin choke Webbers to the blast from the original Ansa exhaust out back there is no other road car made, not even an old Ferrari, that can equal this sound. I am of course little biased.”


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