1969 AMC AMX


Vintage Car of the Month

Posted On August 1, 2014

Owned by Zehr Insurance Brokers.

“It was 1969 – Rudy Held, a young apprentice mechanic at an AMC car dealer would buy a new 1969 AMX. A unique car in the Mustang, Camaro/Trans Am, Mopar lineup that would go on to secure Held dozens of racing trophies.

With the optional 390 4 barrel with the featured “Go Package” offered by American Motors this fine example of 60’s American mussel is a real head turner.

Since new, the unique aqua blue GT could be seen in its hometown of New Hamburg. Ownership of the car passed around within the original owner’s family to Rudy’s brother and his nephew.

2 years ago, it was at Moparfest in New Hamburg and the AMX was offered for sale. John Zehr determined that New Hamburg iconic AMX better stay in town so Zehr Insurance Brokers added it to their lineup to be put out front as its Vintage CARS show piece.

It’s all mussel. With the roar of the 390 and rack and pinion steering, be prepared to put some shoulder into turning the wheel. The bonus – the car drives straight and true as one shifts the 4 speed Hurst through the gears. It’s a real rush!”




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