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1968 Ford Bronco


Vintage Car of the Month

Posted On December 1, 2019

Owned by John from Mississauga, ON

Was built for the Canadian army. Private buyer bought it from the Toronto army surplus in 1971.

He drove it for 40 years or so until the solenoid went. He fried the starter and melted all the wiring in the engine compartment. The truck sat for years in his abandoned mechanic shop

He finally had to sell the shop so he was cleaning out the junk. And he knew I wanted it because I had been bugging him for years.

I took the project to a friends to sit for a year. My father finally got ants in his pants and told me to bring it home. He refused to help me with it until then because it was “a rusty piece of junk” – his words!

Once we got it to his friends body shop. We took it apart. Ford released news that the new Bronco was coming. Prices jumped and he said “fiam, you made an excellent buy” (fiam means “my son” in Hungarian. Basically the only thing he’s ever called me. Lol)

9 months later of him working full time. He was 74. (He was a retired machinist and vw/porsche/Mercedes mechanic hobbyist)

We finished it. Drilled next to no holes in it.
Replaced 2 fenders, lower quarters. Floor below the driver and passenger. Both rockers and inner rockers. Plus only the lower 3rds of all door jams and one taillight housing. Wanted to keep as much original body as possible.

The frame was excellent. The bottom of the tub and the engine compartment still show the original paint.

I know have a numbers matching 85% original 1968 bronco sport. 289 with a 3 on the tree.

The Caribbean turquoise paint isn’t original to this vehicle but is to the year and model.
The pic from the back with the half cab is how it sits today



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