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Owned by Vince from Bolton, ON

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted a classic Mustang.  The 1964 – 1966 model years in particular were something that stuck out to me.  There was just something about that car.  This was the car I wanted – Mustang Sally – a real head turner.

As time passed and other priorities and responsibilities emerged (school, friends, career, marriage and family) the chase for that car became more of a pie in the sky dream than a possibility.  Not that it’s a bad thing, but sometimes everyday life gets in the way of your childhood hopes and dreams.  That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

It was a chance encounter with a friend of a friend earlier this year that brought me back to the idea of searching out that childhood dream once again.  This acquaintance owned a classic Mustang from the late 60’s.  When I asked him about his car, he had both a look of fondness (like remembering when your team won the championship) followed by a look of disappointment (like that feeling of being a diehard Leaf fan).  I did not know it when I asked, but he had sold his classic car.  Reflecting on his Mustang brought him back to a happy place but also left him with a feeling of sadness from parting with it.  It was that reaction that got me thinking – what am I waiting for?  His dream is over (for now) but what about mine?

It took some time and a couple of close calls, but when I finally came across this 1966 convertible, 289 V8, automatic transmission, I knew it was the one.  Patience, research and a good mechanic are keys to making the right purchase of any classic.

This Pony is in great condition inside and out.  Originally from Colorado, it has been in Canada since 2006.  It is a numbers matching vehicle with the only major change being the paint colour. The factory paint was antique bronze.  The current colour is signal flare red and is an original Mustang colour from the era.

The car runs great, sounds awesome and is a show stopper!  I’m looking forward to many summers of enjoyment and feeling like a kid again!

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