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Owned by Norm from Wellington, ON

“Having been in the hobby for decades I have owned many sports cars from around the world, but mostly British. My first car was a 1962 TR3A, so when I decided I wanted another Morgan I was looking for a Plus 4 which was powered by the same Triumph four-cylinder engine. A Morgan featured the vintage styling cues of the 1930s I’ve admired since I was a kid, yet performed at modern high speeds.

I searched around for months and months, but couldn’t find the right Mog anywhere. As is often the case, I discovered this fine example within walking distance from our home. The previous owner of 51-years, had meticulously maintained and upgraded his ’62 Morgan.

I immediately fell in love with this Plus 4 and plan on maintaining its patina and history as the third owner. I am so fortunate to be the new custodian and will eventually pass it on to our son. As well as enjoying the new Morgan, I am also lucky to now have a close friend in the past owner.”

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