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Owned by Gary from Stratford, ON.

“We bought our 57 Sedan Delivery on July 24, 1974 after knowing of the car for several years. We drove it as is, with a Ken Kay paint job for 7 years to cruises and shows until a frame issue led to repairs. As usually happens, one thing led to another until we did a total body off rebuild.

The car was off the road for the next 25 years and in that time, every part of the car has been replaced, modified, custom built or improved except the doors, roof, tailgate, dash and inner and outer rear side window panels.

It is now custom firewall for a bored 454 to 463 cu. in. Corvette, turbo 350, 10 bolt rear, custom floors front to rear, fibreglass front fenders, hood and bumpers.

The car was originally purchased by a Funeral Home as a Service Vehicle, not a hearse, so we now refer to it as “Your next to last ride” and we are driving it as much as possible.”

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