ZehrPEDAL: Protecting Your Passion for Cycling

Posted On May 15, 2024

Kurtis Waymouth

Written by Kurtis Waymouth

Branch Manager, Tavistock Office
At Zehr Insurance, we understand that your bike isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s an extension of your passion, freedom, and connection to the great outdoors. As fellow bike enthusiasts, we share your love affair with two wheels, whether it’s cruising along scenic trails, conquering challenging mountain paths, or simply feeling the wind in your hair during a leisurely ride.
Zehr Pedal Bike insurance program

ZehrPEDAL Program Overview

Our ZehrPEDAL Program is designed specifically for Ontario residents who cherish their bikes. We recognize that standard property insurance policies often provide limited coverage for bicycles—usually around $1000—leaving you vulnerable to financial losses in case of theft or damage. That’s where ZehrPEDAL steps in, offering comprehensive coverage tailored to your cycling needs:


Bike Types Covered:

  • Road Bikes: For those who love the smooth asphalt and long rides.
  • Mountain Bikes: Tackle rugged trails and explore the wilderness.
  • Fat Tire Bikes: Perfect for all-season adventures.
  • eBikes: Whether you pedal or use electric assistance, we’ve got you covered.
  • Full Electronic Powered Bikes and Scooters: Yes, even those futuristic rides!
  • Segways and e-Skateboards: Because we know wheels come in all shapes and sizes.

Enhanced Coverage:

  • Replacement Cost for New Bikes (for 3 years): We’ll cover the full replacement cost of your bike during its early years.
  • Low Deductibles: Keep your out-of-pocket expenses minimal.
  • Coverage for Racing or Business Use: Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or use your bike for work, we’ve got you covered.
  • Rental Bike Coverage: Don’t worry about rental fees if your bike is out of commission.
  • Optional Accident/Injury Coverage: From income replacement to emergency dental expenses, we’ve got your back.

Why Separate Bike Insurance Matters:

  • Protect Your Primary Policy: Keeping bike claims separate ensures your primary home or condo insurance remains unaffected.
  • Avoid Premium Increases: Too many claims on your primary policy can lead to higher premiums or even policy cancellation.
  • Affordable Coverage: ZehrPEDAL provides specialized coverage without compromising affordability.

My Personal Journey with Biking

As a lifelong cyclist, I’ve pedaled through various stages of life. From my first tricycle to my trusty dirt jumper, each bike holds memories of freedom, exploration, and adrenaline. Recently, I upgraded to a 2021 Giant Fathom—an aggressive hardtail built for single-track adventures. But with this new ride came questions about insurance:


  • Is My Bike Covered Under Home Insurance?: Yes, but only up to a limited amount. Scheduling your bike on your policy ensures proper coverage.
  • What If I’m Injured While Cycling?: ZehrPEDAL offers optional accident/injury coverage.
  • What About Racing or Professional Use?: We’ve got that covered too.
2021 Giant Fathom

Giving Back to the Cycling Community

To celebrate the launch of our ZehrPEDAL Program, we’re excited to announce our Summer Giveaway! Between June and July, visit any trailhead at The Pines in Woodstock, Ontario, and snap a picture with the ZehrPEDAL sign.  

Email your pictures into [email protected] or post it to the Woodstock Cycling Club Facebook page, to enture the draw.

Join us in protecting your passion for cycling. Get a ZehrPEDAL quote today and ride with confidence!

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