During this COVID19 crisis, Zehr Insurance Brokers business operations continue to run as seamlessly as possible in order to provide continued excellent service to our clients.

Our brokerage has implemented many home offices for our staff in order to remain connected to our brokerage and our clients in this time of isolation and social-distancing.

Please note that our offices will be closed to members of the public. We are here to service you remotely in this crisis. Please go to our Staff Listing to find your broker contact info.

Our brokerage is pleased to offer our clients access to our ZehrGO client portal. Digital pink cards, policy documents, change request submission, and claim submission are all possible through ZehrGO. To sign up, please go to or send your sign up request to [email protected].

COVID 19 – Updates From Our Insurance Partners

Regarding our insurance company partners response to this crisis and in particular what they are doing to help our clients:


New Stay Home Endorsement: This endorsement will be for drivers who have stopped driving entirely due to COVID-19. (premium reduction can be up to 75% depending on the risk) Savings for up to 15% can also be attained by those drivers that have to drive but are driving less due to COVID-19.

Food and Medical Deliveries: Any personal vehicles used to deliver food and medical supplies during COVID-19, will be covered on personal autos without premium or coverage impact, whether or not the driver is paid or volunteering.

Gore Mutual

Personal Auto Customers: “Parked-Up Payment” To provide a premium reduction, our personal auto insurance customers will receive a simple one-time payment equivalent to 20% of three months premium. The payment will be sent by cheque. All our auto customers as of Thursday, April 9, 2020 will automatically receive the payment.

Home Customers: Home Office -With many of our customers unexpectedly working from home, we’ll provide personal liability and business property coverage up to $5,000 on all existing personal property policies. We will not charge any additional premium and coverage will be effective immediately until Friday, July 31, 2020.

Commercial Customers: Vacant Premises- With many businesses temporarily closed, we will not consider any business properties vacant or unoccupied if they have been mandated to shut down because of COVID-19.

Claims: “Quick Cash”- In a growing number of cases, mandated physical distancing requirements as a result of COVID- 19 have made claims-related repair work challenging. For customers experiencing repair disruptions, we’re offering the Quick Cash option for fast settlement.

Payments: Customer Flexibility- We’ll continue to monitor the impact of the pandemic and explore new flexible payment options on a case-by-case basis including payment deferral without penalty. We will provide additional information to our brokers on those policies with suspended cancellations for non-payment.  Effectively April 9, all personal and commercial cancellations at the customer’s request will be on a pro rata basis. Short rate fees will not apply.


  1. Receive a 15% reduction on average in personal auto premiums for three months. These savings apply to customers that have changed their driving habits
  2. Receive savings up to 75% per month on average, for those who park and safely store their vehicles, until they start driving again.


Clients will be eligible to receive premium reduction of up to 75% per month, on average, when they safely park and store their vehicle until coverage is reinstated. We will waive the minimum 45 days required to use the OPCF 16 to suspend coverage


Clients are offered a stay-at-home auto premium credit htat will provide 25% credit on one month’s premium to personal auto cusotmers.  The credit is automatic and there is no action required by the cusomer or broker.  Customers will recieve the credit automatically either via future bill if they pay monthly or via a mailed cheque if already paid in full

If your insurance company is not listed above, they have not outlined specific rebates/credits; but Zehr can amend coverage & usage for premium relief (scroll down to see specifics)



    How Zehr can help further

    Please note that regardless of what auto insurance provider you are insured with, Zehr can help you lower your premium during this crisis by doing any of the following:

    1. If more than one vehicle on the policy, insured has the option to delete all but comprehensive coverage (Fire & theft) on other vehicles. One vehicle must have mandatory coverage but the rest can be amended to comprehensive coverage only.

    2. If only one vehicle on the policy, insured has the option to place OPCF 16 – suspension of coverage. This coverage must be on the vehicle for a minimum of 45 days for the credit to be generated.

    3. If insured is working from home (or temporarily not working) and vehicle is not used for commuting, they have the option to amend the use from commuting to pleasure use.

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