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Posted On May 15, 2020

As consistent warm weather is just around the corner (any day now we hope), I would like to take the opportunity to remind folks of some basic spring fire up tips.  In order to make sure you are taking proper care of your collector car, make sure to read the following do’s and don’ts for bringing your prized possession out of storage.

By the way, one item to always keep in mind is the current market value of your possession, if you feel this has change we always recommend having an updated appraisal completed.

If you are not aware of an appraiser in your area, we have a large list of qualified vintage car appraisers on your website.

Happy Motoring!!!

Scott Smith,
Vintage CARS Manager


Ensure your battery is fully charged. If it’s not fully charged, make sure it is. You may have a hard time starting your car if the battery is only partially charged. If a charger was installed, we recommend removing this prior to trying to start your vehicle. Also, make sure to clean any corrosion off the terminals and cables.

Under the hood

Do a visual inspection of your wiring to ensure no critters chewed anything. Check any visible hoses for cracks or loose fittings. Check all fluids from transmission to power steering, particular the oil level and coolant. Also, a good idea to check the air filter. Perhaps you may want to get a flashlight and scan underneath the car to see of any signs of fluid leak. Look under your vehicle to ensure no substantial amounts of liquids have leaked from your vehicle. Key areas to check are your radiator, under the engine, under the transmission and the rear-end.


Check your tire pressure; refer the tire sidewall to ensure you have adequate air pressure. Also check your tires for wear, cracks, oxidation, bulges, or anything that could lead to failure. If you notice uneven wear now, getting an alignment should be considered. Do not start driving before all your tires have been inspected and inflated to their proper levels. Failing to do so could potentially harmful situation.


Inspect and ensure your braking system is still fully functioning.  Also, grease all grease points on your vehicle.

Check the Exterior

Complete an overall visual inspection of your vehicle.  Look for any damage paint damage from either moisture exposure or the car cover itself.  While you may be anxious to drive the vehicle immediately, consider it may be better to deal with any exterior imperfections when cooler in the spring instead of waiting until the hot summer months when paint damage may be exacerbated.

Starting your Engine

if you put steel wool or something similar in the tailpipe to prevent rodents form getting in, don’t forget to remove it before starting your engine.  Once the engine is started, let it warm up before attempting to drive it or revving the engine.  Give it a few minutes and let the engine return to normal idle speed naturally.  While its running, look around for any fluid leaks, white or black smoke or anything else out of the ordinary.

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