Classic Car Spring Fire-Up Tips

Vintage car on grass in Summer

Posted On May 15, 2023

Scott Smith

Written by Scott Smith

Vintage CARS Manager

With spring in the air, it’s finally time to dust off your special ride and hit the road. Before you do though, we recommend some quick spring fire up tips!

  • If you did not have a trickle charger on your battery or remove it prior to being park, make sure you hook up your charger and ensure your battery is ready for another season. Nothing worse than turning that key and the battery is dead. If you disconnect your battery, make you sure you hook this back up.
  • Check the air pressure in each tire to ensure tire is still properly inflated, no one likes a flat tire!
  • Pull that dipstick and double-check your oil level. Sometimes these older rides drip oil but hey, we do not judge!
  • Depending on you where you store your ride, it might not hurt to pull the air cleaner and just make sure you did not pick up a hitchhiker over the winter.
  • Pop that hood and give the engine bay a quick look through. Just make sure things visually look correct and nothing has changed over the winter. One thing to check would you be wiring, just check to see if any critters took some nibbles out of the protective coating.
  • While under the hood it wouldn’t hurt just to pop that rad cap and double check you level to ensure you aren’t running too low on coolant. Running hot isn’t good for anyone!
  • Give a quick walk around the vehicle, if you chock your wheels this would be the time to remove them.
Vintage Car close-up

Now fire up that ride get out and enjoy the summer with your family, friends and fellow car enthusiast.

Happy Motoring & Stay Safe!

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