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Rent Cottage

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Renting your Cottage?

It may surprise you to know that most insurance companies limit you to renting your cottage for a maximum of 2 weeks per year; if at all.   If you rent your cottage and are not covered correctly, then you are in the precarious position if a claim occurs!

Program Features

  • All Risk coverage on the cottage
  • Unlimited length of time you can rent out your cottage
  • Liability protection of $2M
  • Loss of rental income included
  • Water damage including sewer/septic back up coverage is available


Insurance for Your Short-Term Rental Accommodation

Protecting What Matters to You

Renting Your Cottage

Does renting out your cottage as short-term accommodation go against your insurance policy? Have you discussed this with your current insurance provider? More importantly, do you feel confident in their insurance knowledge that STA policies need? Renting your cottage may leave you in a situation where damage, whether caused by renters or natural events, may go uncovered by your current policy. Zehr Insurance can fix this.

Working With Zehr Insurance

Zehr Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your cottage all while also providing solutions for your STA insurance needs.

With over 20 years of experience in the STA industry our team of brokers are here to protect what matters to you.

Providing comprehensive cottage coverage which includes rental income, liability insurance, sewer backup, and overland water.

Rental Income

The income generated from STA’s can be very important for the continued enjoyment of the family cottage. Our policies provide rental income replacement when your cottage can no longer be rented for a period of time while repair or replacement is underway due to an insured loss.

Municipal Insurance Requirements

If your Municipality regulates STA cottages we provide approved documentation to successfully fill any Municipal requirements for insurance.

Trusted by Ontarians

Established in 1954, Zehr Insurance holds strong roots in communities across Ontario. Our 1,000’s of insurance clients place their trust in our brokers to understand their insurance needs and present competitively priced solutions. Policies are set up quickly and easily so you confidently say that Zehr Insurance protects what matters to you.

Zehr Cottage Plus is the preferred and recommended insurance program by the Ontario Cottage Rental Managers Association which provides rental management to over 1,000 cottages across Ontario.

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